The Ninja Baker's Japan, Part 2

If spring fever has you thinking about travel..You may want to sashay your way to Japan. Here's why! Hope you enjoy The Ninja Baker's Japan, Part 2 smiley



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Ms. Mao Asada: 3-Time World Figure Skating Champion
She lost her mother, stumbled in Sochi but is coming back strong!
On 29 March 2014, she garnered her 3rd win at
the World Figure Skating Championships!
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Baseball Team Fundraiser:
Not your average bake sale.
The boys are selling low calorie konnyaku sticks.
(Konnyaku is derived from a root plant. It's delicious when served with soy sauce.) 


Pine trees are symbols of longevity in Japan.


Waraji - straw sandals - in the entryway
(the sacred space between the outside world and the home.)


Hello Kitty! (Pictured: Girls' Day Dolls)
P.s. Click here for a Hello Kitty Rice Krispies how-to.


From funerals to wedding engagement parties,
you'll see seki-han (sweet rice with red azuki beans)
on many an occasion of transition and celebration.


Kamishibai: Japanese Paper Art Theatre
My friend, Kazue Takada is a master storyteller.
Photos courtesy of Kazue Takada.



Omurice: Seen on lunch and dinner menus for decades in Japanese restaurants.
Typically the rice is sprinkled with bits of chicken.

Click here for the vegetarian version.

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Shoppers Alert:
The New Year is a fantabulous time to purchase designer items.
The catch? You don't know what's in the bag until after you've opened it!
Hints of whether if the contents are for a man, lady or child are given.
For more info, click here
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Send me a postcard about your adventures in Japan!

Wishing you joy-filled adventures abroad and at home.

The Ninja Baker

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