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2016 may be your lucky year. Especially if you win my giveaway of Native Foods Celebration Cookbook: Delicious Vegan Recipes to Celebrate Every Month of the Year.  (Scroll down for details.)

Of course, you are already lucky if you live in LA and live close to a Native Foods restaurant.  Even if you don't care about healthy eating, one bite into a Native Foods dinner or dessert may change your mind forever.

Cheers to good health and eats in 2016!


Peace of mind and bites of bliss at Native Foods.
(All dishes and desserts are plant-based creations.)

Native Foods Vegan Restaurant LA Locations:


  • Culver City:
    9343 Culver Blvd.
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Tel. (310) 559-3601

  • Santa Monica:
    2901 Ocean Park Blvd.
    Santa Monica, CA 90405
    Tel. (310) 314-4333

  • Westwood
    1114 Gayley Ave.
    LA, CA 90024
    Tel. (310) 209-1055

More info about Native Foods restaurants at

Friends and family like snowflakes are never the same. They cannot be replicated. However, Native Foods welcomes you as if you were family. District Manager, Paul Cichus says the restaurant chain attracts staffs that are conscientious about protecting animals and preserving health. The servers are naturally kind and considerate. And they serve oh-so-good for you scrumptious food!

Benefits for Paul in his role as manager has been sampling delicious Native Foods dishes and getting healthier as a result!  (Lower blood pressure and cholesterol are but a few of the perks of a plant-based diet.)

Native Chicken Run Ranch is a bestseller and made from plant-based ingredients. (On occasion Paul is required to assure customers that the dish is indeed meatless!) The Umami Southwestern Burger is another Native Foods fan favorite. (Here’s my take on the en vogue Japanese word: Umami describes an elegant enhancement and elevation of food due to the respect for inherent flavors.)

Manager Paul’s Pick:
The Umami Burger with a distinctly Southwestern accent.

No matter your entrée, this Ninja Baker recommends that you leave room for dessert. 

With desserts like Native Foods raspberry bars
no wonder the servers are so sweet! 



ロサンゼルスは華やかな街です。映画の街でもありますが、自然に溢れる環境でもあります。 ロサンゼルスにあるネイティブ•フーズ•レストランに行けば心温まることでしょう。地域マネージャーのポール・シチューズによると、ネイティブ•フーズには特に親切でフレンドリーなスタッフが揃っているとのこと。ネイティブ•フーズの動物愛護やエコの考え方に共感するスタッフが集まってくるのです。ちなみにメニューはヴィーガンですが、十分にお腹も満たされます。モロッコの香味料やバンコクのカレー、日本の唐辛子も料理に使っております。ポールさんのお勧は甘みバーガーです。(バーガーの材料は茸、平豆、玄米等です。) またネイティブ・フーズのデザートは全部美味しいので是非食後に味わってみてください。


Ruby Red Raspberry Bars:
Locally grown berries kissed by brown sugar and oats.

Native Foods CEO, Craig Grimes has encountered many a non-vegan who has delighted in the restaurant’s meatless dishes and desserts. “We prefer to say our meals are plant-based (versus vegan.) We don’t want to bias anyone. Everyone is welcome at the table.”


Native Foods CEO, Craig Grimes


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Wishing you heart-warming healthy meals with friends and family in 2016.

The Ninja Baker

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