5 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money, #InMyKitchen

My 5 secrets to save your mind and money are crafted for Valentine's Day. The present tips are all simple and kitchen pantry staples. They also work for any other obligatory gift-giving season.

I'm delighted Maureen of OrgasmicChef.com peeked #InMyKitchen. And encouraged me to open up the doors and show and tell! In the process of tidying up for the event, the light bulb went on... Many of the items in my kitchen are perfect present material. So, thank you Maureen for hosting #InMyKitchen. (Perhaps I should've said 6 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money. A visit to OrgasmicChef.com will reveal a treasure trove of zinger recipes!)

5 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money:

1. Tea Fit for the Queen - You!

Let's face it. You give, give, give all the time, right? All kinds of studies prove that we all do better after taking a break. So, gift yourself! Take time for you with your favorite high quality tea...My favorite is cherry blossom. What's yours?

Ninja Note: The Tea Guys offer a fantastic array of teas at very affordable prices.


Tea fit for a Queen


2. Champagne-Taste Chocolates for Beer Budgets

Like a blast of sunshine on the Swiss Alps, home of Toblerone chocolates, the Valentine heart of your fair lady or gent  is guaranteed to melt! Every bite tastes like luxury. The Swiss chocolate is swirled with honey and almond nougat. Toblerone is a sensational gift. (P.s. It's less than $2.00 at Target.)

Ninja Note: Just in case you are concerned about calories or clean eating, click here to find out why chocolate is good for you.


The Call of Swiss Alps Chocolate


3. The Way to the Heart of a Fickle Cat

Confession: My cats are spoiled. (For example, they get presents on human holidays!) This Ninja Baker's cats also turn up their nose at non-organic brands of food....But, they always find room in their tummies for Japanese katsuobushi bonito flakes.  

Ninja Note: Buy your katsuobushi at an Asian market or online vendor. I notice pet stores are charging 3 times the price for bonito fish flakes.


Fussy Cats Choose Japanese Katsuobushi


4. Questing to Celebrate a Healthy Valentine's Day?

Is there that one family member who is a stickler about health? Great! Flex your money-saving muscles and buy a box of protein bars. Many health stores give a healthy discount when you purchase a box.  GNC (General Nutrition Centers) also allows you to buy 4 Quest bars for the price of 3.


Even the supremely health can enjoy chocolate on St. Valentine's Day!


5. Dining on a Dime

A scintillating dinner by candlelight doesn't have to break the bank. No need to pay the spiked prices for Valentine's Day restaurant menus. Pick up pre-made items from your favorite international market. (If you live in LA, Marukai and Nijiya markets have a great selection of pre-made Japanese meals. If you love all things Italian, try Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery.)


Japanese Onigi Pickled Plum Studded Japanese Onigiri (Rice Ball)


Wishing you sweet savings and special moments with your sweetheart.

The Ninja Baker

© ™ Watkinson 2012

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