Vegan Magic and More at Sage Vegan Bistro

Vegan Magic & More at Sage Vegan Bistro


Sage Vegan Bistro cooks are herb savvy. They magically transform organic produce like cauliflower into a spectacular semblance of spicy Buffalo chicken wings. But the bistro cooks do more than zap dishes with culinary herbs.


From the first greeting, to the presentation of the Asian Noodle Salad (served Japanese-style in Mt. Fuji formation) to the final Banana Chocolate Chip Cake and vegan ice cream flourish, there are an abundance of friendly smiles. The restaurant is infused with the sage philosophy of owners, Chef Mollie Engelhart and Mimi Moss.  Kindness, a positive regard for life, organic farming and artistic mastery of vegan cuisine are hallmarks of this bistro.

Chef Mollie’s artistry on the plate is polished…Her sage philosophy reflecting the wisdom of the ancients is also masterful.

Sage Vegan Bistro Chef Mollie Quotes:

  • “My parents raised me to question my own moral compass.”
  • “Life is not a dress rehearsal. Do what you love or love what you do. It’s a choice.”
  • “I don’t regret anything. Everything led me to my husband and child.”


モリーさんは 詩人で、高校卒業後、才能を認められて有名になりました。ミミさんは女優をしていたこともあり、2人は仕事のために各地を飛びまわる生活でしたが、ミミさんの妊娠を機に2人でカインド•クレムと言う無農薬のヴィーガン•デザートのお店を立ち上げました。




  • 初志貫徹です。
  • もう一つは専門家を初めから採用すると最終的には節約になります。
  • さらに裕福な時も貧しい時も家族の幸せや自分の健康を大切に考えることが大事です。

Mimi Moss and Chef Mollie Engelhart

Before entering the restaurant business, Mimi traveled frequently to her acting jobs. As did Chef Mollie, an acclaimed poet and filmmaker. When a solid base was needed to support family, the owners opened their first vegan venture, KindKreme. Their fabulous desserts are also served at Sage Vegan Bistro.


Wishing you the wisdom of the heart. 

The Ninja Baker

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