Sweeten Your Day with Japanese Candies and Culture, #JapanCandyBox

Craving a sweet Japanese adventure? Your wish is granted! 

Scroll down to the #JapanCandyBox giveaway for your chance to win a candy box from Japan.

You are still a winner if you don't win the giveaway.
Japan Candy Box has a monthly subscription service with free shipping.
(Less than a weekly fancy Starbucks!) 

I was gifted with the Japan Candy Box featured in the video below.
The creative and cute packaging were almost as delightful as the tasty treats.
And tickled my memory with tidbits about Japanese culture.  

Here's a quick video intro to Japan and Japanese sweets heart



More up, close and personal photos and info.






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Congratulations to Samantha L. of West Virginia for winning a Japan Candy Box!

Wishing you a sweet visit to Japan.

The Ninja Baker

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