Pink Lemonade Cake Minis, #TheCakeSliceBakers

The Cake Slice Bakers are a group of bakers from around the world.
Every month a new challenge arrives...Currently, we are presented with the opportunity to bake one of four selections
from Southern Living’s The Southern Cake Book.

Pink Lemonade Cake Minis were the Ninja Baker's June pick!

June brought anxiety about exam scores (from elementary to high school) at the American School in Japan.  The last month of school also brought great anticipation of vacation in America, the land of I Love Lucy, M & Ms and pink lemonade.

Pink Lemonade Mini Cakes Play Ring-Around-the-Rosie.
1930s Clevenger Brothers Glass inherited from one of the sweetest (and smartest) ladies I've ever mother-in-law, Betty.

Sultry temps in Japan are combated with cold barley tea. I love the soothing Japanese summertime drink.  Pink lemonade, however, is prettier. And back in the Age of the Dinosaur (okay, the 70s), pink lemonade was a foreign drink. (Don’t fret if you’re heading to Tokyo today: Japanese markets now carry pink lemonade.)

Petite Pink Lemonade Cake Minis are served on Japanese Noritake China.
My brother-in-law gifted me with this invaluable plate he picked up for two dollars at a New Jersey thrift shop!!!

As a natsukashi (nostalgic in Japanese) nod to summertime, I nabbed the opportunity to bake Pink Lemonade Cake Minis for The Cake Slice Bakers. Laura of Baking in Pyjamas and Anabel of Oven Delights head up this talented group of bakers from all over the world. Each month, the ladies kindly give us four options from our current cookbook The Southern Cake Book. If you like a cookbook with lots of photos – luscious Southern Living photos – you’ll love The Southern Cake Book.

Japanese Mikasa Pink Crystal Stemware serves as the perfect platter for bite-sized lemonade cakes.

The Southern Cake Book recipes also have yet to disappoint. My Pink Lemonade Cake Minis are an adaptation from the cookbook’s Pink Lemonade Cake. I added extra lemon zest and made the pink lemonade cake party friendly. As many calorie conscious dancers will also be in attendance, I figured the mini bite of cake would satisfy the sweet-toothed and obliterate the guilt of a giant piece of cake. The frosting is a crosspollination of lemonade and children’s birthday party cake buttercream. Yes, it’s sweet. The frosting is in fact the perfect topping for a pound cakey sort of bottom. (Note: If you are a lemon fan: Add more lemon zest. Substitute lemon extract for vanilla.)

A pucker of lemonade cake dressed in pink! 

Due to copyright rules, I'll point you to an easier online version of this recipe. And recommend checking out The Southern Cake Book from your library or purchasing the cookbook. The pink lemonade cake recipe is on page 234. In the meantime, you might want to try the recipes listed below which were adapted from published (online) Southern Cake Book recipes.

Confession: I’m still a kid at heart who laughs at the antics of I Love Lucy. Pink lemonade clinking with ice also brings on a feeling of good times.

What sings summertime fun for you?

Wishing you summertime fun that tickles your fancy. 

The Ninja Baker

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