Smiley Corn Cookies

Is it summer or fall? Temps are 80 degrees and upwards in Southern California. However, reminders of autumn are everywhere when I get in my car. Orange-jacketed crossing guards demand stops in front of schools I only recently zipped past. I don’t mind though. It’s fun to see the parade of young kids. Their joy and innocence are inspiring. Confession: I also get concerned about society providing enough support to today’s youth.

Guaranteed smiles:
Smiley corn cookies in a Japanese bento lunch box. 

Key building blocks include nourishing love and food.  And what appears in lunch boxes and on after-school snack plates reflect parental care. Laura of The Spiced Life and Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka know a thing or two about raising children and have launched the Creative Cookie Exchange.  Smiley Corn Cookies are my contribution to their Back-to-School themed blog hop.  These buttery, crumbly goodies are actually somewhat healthy. They contain bits of organic corn. The vegetable in cookie form  tastes extra good.   

Momofuku Milk Bar inspired corn cookies

Click here for the recipe from brilliant Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook by Christina Tosi. You’ll need freeze dried organic corn. If you don’t have a Whole Foods in your neighborhood, click here to order online.

Once the corn cookies are baked and cooled, pipe chocolate smiley faces onto the cookies. You can use melted chocolate or whip up your favorite chocolate frosting. If you choose canned frosting, beat in ¼ cup of confectioner’s sugar to ensure better consistency for piping.

A smiley corn cookie is a somewhat healthy snack-time choice. 

Note: Some of us don’t have our own children to pour love into but we can create cookies filled with love. There are always big and little kids who are hungry, eager for you to share.

Wishing you love.


The Ninja Baker

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