Burn Fat By Eating Cake! #BundtaMonth

Sailing in via China’s Yangtze River, the citrus fruit known as Yuzu (?) was introduced to Japan in 710 AD. Although the Japanese have been enjoying the culinary and health benefits of this aromatic fruit for centuries, in America, the lovely citrus has yet to catapult in popularity.  It is available only online or in Asian markets. But, the hunt for Yuzu is worth it! Not only does the fruit have 3 times the amount of vitamin C as a lemon, it also allegedly burns fat! 

So, with joy, this Ninja Baker concocted Yuzu Coconut Bundt Cake for the food bloggers who contribute to #BundtaMonth. Read on for the details and recipe.

Japanese-Style Prosperity Pockets & Goat Cheese En Croute, #SundaySupper New Year’s Bucket List

After the traditional formal visit to the temple with family on New Year’s Day; on January 2nd, many females trade their kimono for blue jeans and join the throngs at trendy boutiques and department stores where good fortune fukubukuro bags await. To make way for 2013 merchandise, inventory from 2012 is sold at half price in sealed bags imprinted with the ?Chinese character for Good Fortune. (As well as characters for male?, female?, and child ?.) The chic spots in town sell out quickly. Sisters and girlfriends are blessings at this time because the more in the group, the better trades and exchanges of items from the bags. Of course, venues catering to men also sell fukubukuro bags. Typically though the shoppers are women. (No surprise for anyone living on planet earth, right?)

The Ninja Baker’s bucket list includes another trip to Tokyo where I can partake in this exciting Japanese shopping adventure. In the meantime, to commemorate this fun occasion, I’ve fashioned my own good fortune: Japanese-Style Ninja Baker sealed crescent roll Pockets of Prosperity. Want to join the fun? Well, then, please read on.