M & M Nutella Cake, #BundtaMonth

Finally, our flight from Tokyo would land at San Francisco International Airport. My sister and I would charge through customs; bear-hug Great-Uncle George and make a beeline for the closest store selling American candy. Today, Snickers and M & Ms are rare commodities sold in expensive Tokyo supermarkets specializing in imports. (Aspirin-looking hybrids of M & Ms, however, are more readily available.) In the ‘60s and ‘70s (don’t do the math!), we were lucky if we found Swiss Toblerone...

Momotaro Peach Boy Cake, #BundtaMonth

Sword in hand, a little boy sprang from a peach, bringing much joy to a barren grandma and her husband. They named him Momotaro. (Momo is Japanese for peach and Taro is a common boy’s name.) A sort of Robin Hood, this legendary folk hero stole back the gold from the devil’s lair. Justice and rewards for good behavior are strong themes in this story. But, it’s also about smarts and the power of yummy treats.

Chocolate Matcha Swirl, #BundtaMonth

Matcha is the elite member of the green tea family. Shizuoka, southwest of Tokyo (an hour away by train) and Uji on the southern island of Kyushu are two areas famous for choice green tea leaves.

For this month’s swirl-in-a-Bundt theme, I twirled chocolate matcha into a bona fide Southern belle of a pound cake. The recipe is from Kim Nelson of South Carolina's famed Daisy Cakes shop.

White Chocolate Guava Cake, #BundtaMonth

As March winds blow in Tokyo, many Japanese remind themselves that strong winds of February and March are simply the precursor to Spring. (??????) I like to think of it as a clearing of all that is old so the new can be born.

And being pushed by the wind down the streets of Tokyo made me laugh.  But,  it was also fun to think about this month's #BundtaMonth topic: The Tropics.