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Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie, #SundaySupper

Visit Japan and you’ll see symphonies of artistic sweets. The eye follows an unbroken rhythm of desserts composed into perfect rows. Each piece influenced by the natural beauty of the season. In springtime, both traditional Japanese sweets shops and Parisian-inspired patisseries celebrate cherry blossoms.

To revel in the warm March winds blowing spring our way, I decided to make Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie Minis.  I’ve baked cherry blossom cookies and cherry chip blossom cupcakes. But I’ve never made a cherry pie. Plus it’s one of my gluten-sensitive husband’s favorite pies. So, I created a Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie. Motivation to make the pies minis came from translating for fashionistas from Japan the other day. As I assisted the talented young ladies navigate an American restaurant menu, I was reminded how petite and pretty are priorities.