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Mini Honey Donuts, #SundaySupper

Miracles, magic and moons are the topic of the day in the USA. Talk of the solar eclipse elicits excitement and trepidation. Similar to the emotions I felt when Dunkin’ Donuts opened their doors in Tokyo. Yes, it was a long time ago; during the dinosaur age (aka the ‘70s.) The import of an American donut franchise like Dunkin’ Donuts was a miracle! Tokyo in the 1970s had yet to see the onslaught of American-Japanese marriages of mayonnaise and maguro (tuna) sushi! Today in Tokyo, the offspring of global affairs are a given in Japanese supermarkets.

Donuts in the 1970s were also a connection to Mom. Massachusetts was home to Mom and Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters. Summer visits always included a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville. Doctors may not approve but deliciousness is tied to happy times for me. How about you?