Japanese bento lunch boxes

British Bento, #SundaySupper

I was over the moon when I visited London for the first time in my 20s. (At this writing I’ve made the jump over the pond, six times.) Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guard, daily matinees at the theatres in the West End – I was in heaven! And, oh, my first bites of scones sent me into a happy dance. I’m sharing the joy via my British Bento (lunch box) starring scones…

Japanese Veggie Sandwich's Sweet Substitute, #Improv Challenge

Sticky white Japanese rice dressed up with a variety of food fashions take center stage in many bento lunch boxes. But sandwiches are also major players. Such as the veggie “sando” sandwich. A luscious tomato, lettuce, cucumber and mayo concoction squeezed into two slices of thin white bread. (No crusts allowed!)

Sometimes, husbands and children will balk at such a sandwich. (“Salad in a sandwich?”) Well, this Ninja Baker can help you sneak veggies into your   beloved's bread. “Tasty!” is the only comment I received upon serving up my carrot bread.