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Japanese Egg Crepes (Kinshi Tamago) #SundaySupper

The political skirmishes on the world stage and/or in the office can be ugly. My escape is to make pretty. In the kitchen, I whip up comfort foods like kinshi tamago – Japanese egg crepes. I also go bike riding on Santa Monica beach. And thank God I’m a docent at the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. What’s your RX for finding beauty?

In Japan, artistic presentation is key: The plating of food, the packaging of products, the sculpting of flowers. Japanese bentos are another example of Japan’s penchant for pretty meals. (Just take a look at Pinterest!)

Japanese egg crepes (kinshi tamago) are often sliced super thin and sprinkled over rice in bento boxes. One of the great pleasures of travel in Japan is picking up a bento at train stations. The ekiben - station bento boxes - reflect the specialties of the region. Shimizu Station is famous for it’s sakura (cherry blossom) shrimp, which are complimented by kinshi tamago, tofu, peas, and lotus roots.