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St. Patrick’s Day Japanese Noodles

St. Patrick’s Day always brings back fond memories of Boston. One of the largest populations of Irish is in Boston, MA. The luck o’ the Irish has it that Boston is also home to one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Fun fact: Every year my hometown of Tokyo’s St. Patrick’s parade grows larger and more popular, too.

Summers with my mom in Massachusetts were so different from Tokyo where I spent the school year with my father and stepmother. Hot dogs, scrambled eggs and noodle dishes were the dish du jour at Mom’s. Her talents won her tennis trophies from Wimbledon and around the world. Blue ribbons for her culinary skills were never seen. I didn’t mind. Even in Japan, my go-to was ramen noodles if my Dad and stepmother went on date night.

Fun fact: Japanese ramen noodles were more expensive than soba noodles served in restaurants. In 1958, ramen were a luxury item!