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Matcha Monster Rice Krispies #SundaySupper

The Cookie Monster prepared a former Japanese boss for his life in America. Sesame Street’s approach to English language basics is fun! My hope is that my Matcha Monster Rice Krispies introduces essentials to successful travel to and business in Japan in a delicious manner. Japanese friends living abroad will also appreciate your awesome awareness of their culture.

Matcha Rice Krispies may look to be a no-brainer treat. Well, that’s true. If you know a few tricks. So, too, knowledge of a few Japanese customs and phrases will (almost) guarantee a magical Japan trip. A little effort is greatly rewarded in Japan. Don’t be surprised if you feel like a movie star.

If you know marshmallows, you know they are sweet but sticky.  Before you melt the marshmallows and butter, you coat the pan with cooking spray. Right? When in Japan, you may see a cordial smile and take it at face value. If you know about tatemae and honne, you’ll think twice. And act accordingly.