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5 Delightful Facts About Lavender, #GalentinesDayParty Ice Cream

What in the world is a Galentine’s Day Party? As inspired by the popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, the idea is to celebrate gal pals. Today’s hosts are Nancy of Gotta Get Baked and Courtney of Neighbor Food. Scroll down and you’ll see a sumptuous buffet of recipes designed for this sensational soirée. Luscious Honey Lavender Ice Cream is my offering.

Lavender was on the top of the shopping lists for the likes of Queen Elizabeth I and Cleopatra. The Queen of England relieved work stress and headaches by downing cups of lavender infused tea. In Egypt, Cleopatra dabbed lavender scented perfumes on her body before seducing both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. If lavender is good enough for the royals, I figure it’s perfect for the special attendees of this Galentine’s Day Party.