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Awesome Cats and Colorful Tools for Culinary Professionals in Tokyo

Flirting with the oldest temple in Tokyo (Sensoji) is Kappabashi-dori. The street crammed with specialty stores serves culinary professionals, home cooks and foodies from abroad. (No special invites needed.) Restaurants all over Japan rely on Kappabashi-dori vendors to provide them with plastic food. Yes. Plastic replicas of what a restaurant serves are often showcased. After getting my fill of gawking at the expensive fake soba and sushi (which look mouthwatering good), I did some serious shopping. Scores of stores cater to chefs who specialize in Japanese, Italian and French cooking. Beckoning to me were the shops for bakers.

Ninja Notes:
Bring cash. Many shops in Japan (including the stores on Kappabashi-dori) do not accept credit cards.
Be a good ambassador. Be polite. Negotiate prices in a boardroom but not in a Japanese mom-and-pop shop (which line Kappabashi-dori.)
Wear comfy shoes. There are over 170 shops and covers 800 meters - about half a mile.
(Plus if sightseeing at Sensoji Temple, stilettos should be left at home.)