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Japanese Plum Wine Donuts, How to Survive A Broken Heart, #RED #TwelveLoaves

Like butterfly wings, Life is fragile. There is beauty. The searing pain of leaving the known territory of a cocoon is also Life. Sometimes I want to take flight to a Japanese garden and soak in serenity. No matter the escape, reality always comes marching in.

Enchanted by the idea of taking on another persona, I pursued the life of an actor into my twenties. My 5-year-old self set sights on the acting profession. (Escaping my seat in a Tokyo movie theatre, I twirled down the aisle to I Could Have Danced All Night. My sister ran down the aisle to capture me.)

I worked as an actress in Japan and America. In the US, jobs were few and far between.  Oscar's red magic carpet eluded me. So, I entered the corporate world. Fast-forward several decades: Serendipitously, I was introduced to a manager. I went on a few auditions. No jobs. The manager said goodbye several months ago.