Vegan Japanese Restaurant in Manhattan Beach CA

Fate has a funny way of dancing us in directions unimagined in childhood. Hiroyuki Igarashi, owner of the popular Manhattan Beach RICE, is an avid baseball fan. From childhood through college he played baseball. A career in sports seemed to be in the cards. However, adult realities and responsibilities appeared during his college years. 

Yellow Submarine Sushi Surface upon Request at RICE

Spicy Tuna atop Crispy Rice

In both Tokyo and LA, when he was not studying or on the baseball field, Hiroyuki-san worked at Japanese restaurants. In LA, his passion for serving traditional Japanese dishes was sparked. Inspired by mentors like celebrity sushi chef, Uechi Katsuya, RICE was opened in 2012. Vegan friends in LA also motivated him.

Delightful (Dairy Free!) Matcha, Strawberry and Chocolate RICE Ice Cream

Luxurious Vegan, Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Today every dish and dessert at RICE is gluten-free and dairy-free. The Yellow Submarine sushi is but one of the vegan beauties. Topped with squash and fried lotus root, the sushi is a bestseller. The vegan chocolate mousse is also exquisite. Creamy, rich and decadent, this writer never knew good for you cake could taste so good!

Since opening RICE in 2012, owner Hiroyuki Igarashi has been hitting homeruns with the Manhattan Beach crowd.  Traditional Japanese fare is gorgeous, vegan and very tasty. All menu items are gluten-free and dairy free.

(Hiroyuki Igarashi photo courtesy of RICE)



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