Cafe 212 Pier: Superfoods and Supernovas

Café 212 Pier: Superfoods and Supernovas

*Note: Superfoods are naturally vitamin laden and rich with minerals.

Superfood vegan chocolates charged with
vitamins, minerals and super-deliciousness!

Imagine Christmas, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July all rolled up into one holiday. India’s days-long Diwali, the Festival of Lights is that kind of spectacular celebration. Goodness presides over Indian neighborhoods. At least for the month of November.

Thanks to Café 212 Pier owner, Roopinder Bhullar, Diwali is celebrated year-round in Santa Monica. Sublime snips of cardamom and cashew appear in heavenly Indian cookies. Vegan versions of American classics such as chocolate whoopie pies, oatmeal cookies and tofu blueberry muffins are also served.  Organic coffee and Indian chai brews while writers pour their souls onto computer screens. Earnest conversations also flow between bites of superfood chocolate truffles.

 Cardamom and cashew cookies
compliment smooth and spicy chai.

Golden Globe nominated The Shipping News was written at Café 212 Pier. (The film starred Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett and Dame Judi Dench.) The iconic TV show, Seinfeld filmed here. Is it the food, the architecture or the ambience that lures TV and film industry types to Café 212 Pier?  Find out for yourself on your next trip to the beach. Love to read your comments and  your take on Café 212 Pier. 

Whoopie! A vegan version of a tried and true
American classic at Café 212 Pier.

インドのディーワーリー は11月の何日お祝いする祭りです。


インドの有名な祭りのように美味しいチャイとかカッシュ、カドマンクッキ を販売しております。健康的な スーパーフードのチョコレートとオーガニックコーヒーも販売しております。アメリカのクラシックフッピパイも購入できます。カフェ212のバージョンはブイーガンです。(フッピーパイはアメリカのどら焼きです。二つのチョコレートパンケーキみたいなケーキの真ん中にクリームが入いております。)



Café 212 Owner, Ms. Roopinder Bhullar 

Dreams come true: “I’ve worked at Disney Studios as a story editor, trained to teach yoga in India and produced an award-winning film Saluting the Sun…But I’ve always dreamed of owning a beachside café.”

夢を叶えたルピンダーさん: ディズニースタジオのストーリー編集者、ヨガの先生、 映画のプロデューサー。。。様々な仕事を楽しみましたが いつも海外のカフェを取り仕切ることは夢でした。

Sun salutations at Café 212 Pier:
Freshly brewed organic coffee greets a blueberry vegan muffin.

Café 212 Pier Store Information and Details / 店の情報
Santa Monica, California:

Café 212 Pier
212 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (310) 314-5275
Web Site: Café

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