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What’s your go-to chocolate? Or is chocolate passé?  Does it pales in comparison to savory snacks? My penchant for chocolate and cupcakes are inherited from my father.

My father passed this last February - the day after Valentine’s. He was a goodhearted gentleman. He loved chocolate and cupcakes. I have fond memories of sampling boxes of Bradenton, Florida’s Frosted Over Cupcakery. My father also loved the boxes of chocolate I’d send for birthdays and holidays.

On what turned out to be my last visit, I also brought chocolates. He was eating only strained foods. Yes, I was able to feed him chocolate pudding. But his appetite was diminished. Good news: For many of my father’s 93 years, I was privileged to bake chocolate cupcakes and other yummies for him.

In addition to my sweet tooth, thanks to my father’s job, Tokyo was my hometown for 18 years. As a tribute to my father and the country where we shared wonderful experiences, I created chocolate cupcakes using Japanese tofu. 

Some risks are worth taking. Substituting Japanese tofu for water when making chocolate cupcakes works! Yes, I used a cake mix. My apologies to the purists. The tofu made the cupcakes light in texture while delivering full chocolate flavor. Tofu does tend to take on the dominant taste.

Lesson learned, though, from experiments with custard and tofu. Coconut cream (or half-and-half) makes for tastier custard filling for chocolate cupcakes. Whether you make chocolate or Japanese green tea matcha filling, coconut cream creates a consistency perfect for piping. For fancier cupcakes, cover the filled cupcakes with fondant.

However you choose to make desserts this Father’s Day, please enjoy each sweet moment.

Chocolate Tofu Cupcakes from The Ninja Baker

chocolate Japanese tofu cupcakes easy recipe cake mix

Have your chocolate cupcake and keep your swimsuit figure! Tofu is big on protein, will fill you up and will keep those cravings low.

P.s. Sneaking tofu into chocolate cake is also a perfect way to ensure your kidlets get proper nutrition.


Chocolate Cupcakes:

1 package chocolate cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Fudge)
1¼-cup Japanese tofu (as a substitute for the water)
½ cup vegetable or canola oil
3 eggs

Custard Filling:
1 package instant chocolate and/or instant vanilla pudding mix
1 pint coconut creamer (or half-and-half)
3 T Japanese green tea matcha powder (if making the matcha filling)


Chocolate Cupcakes:

Bake chocolate cupcakes as directed on the package, substituting the water with tofu.
Cool. With a watermelon scooper create a well in each cupcake.
Fill with custard. Cover with fondant if desired.

Custard Filling:

  • Chocolate: Following the package instructions, make chocolate pudding. Substitute coconut creamer (or half-and-half) to create a thicker filling and easy piping into the cupcakes.
  • Matcha: Following the package instructions, make vanilla pudding and add 2 to 3 T of Japanese green tea matcha powder. Substitute coconut creamer (or half-and-half) to create a thicker filling and easy piping into the cupcakes.

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Wishing you a Father's Day filled with sweet blessings.

The Ninja Baker

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