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Secrets to Southern California Travel, Part 1

LAX is a hub for many tourists. By all means, head to the original Disneyland in Anaheim. Make it a point though to include the Citadel Outlets or the Outlets at Orange on the itinerary. Especially if you love shopping and the victory of scoring multiple bargains on dreamy dresses, handbags and shoes. If you need an extra burst of energy, both spots offer scrumptious sushi, sweets shops, Jamba Juice and of course, coffee! Traveling north to San... Read More


忍者ベーカーこと、キム・ワトキンソンの 南カリフォルニアの秘密、パート1 東京育ちでロサンゼルスに住んでいる忍者ベーカー(こと、 キム・ワトキンソンがガイドブックにはきっと載っていない南カルフォルニアの秘密をお伝えします。 ロサンゼルスには日本からたくさんの観光客がいらっしゃいます。 もちろんディズニーランドをおすすめしますが、その前後にショッピングはいかがでしょうか?特にOutlets At OrangeまたはCitadel Outletsを数時間でも旅行日程に入れることをおすすめします。 デザイナー・ブランドの洋服、靴、ハンドバッグ等は割引価格で販売しています。 サンフランシスコからサンタバーバラ海岸行く手前にCamarillo Premium Outletsに立ち寄ると、とてもリーズナブルな値段で贅沢なブランド品を購入できます。 今、紹介したアウトレットモールは、... Read More

Dance Journey with Kabuki Actor Ichinosuke Umekawa

Japan travel articles are populating the internet like busy bunnies. However, American newspapers’ coverage of Japan seems to stick to: 1. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics 2. Robots 3. The rapid rise of elders and the decline of Japanese babies. But those concerned about Japan have yet to meet Kabuki actor and dance master, Ichinosuke Umekawa. After seeing him perform at the Japan Foundation in Los Angeles; Japan’s future looks bright... Read More

Healthy Delectable Carrot Cake Dessert #GlutenFree

You can have your cake and eat it too! Carrot cake hails from Medieval Europe when sugar was rare. And reserved for royals. Carrots served as sweeteners for commoners. Today the rich and famous like supermodel, Chrissy Tiegen covet cake made with carrots.  Did you catch her Instagram post about her towering carrot wedding cake? Carrot cake is also now a common sight in Japan. Twenty years ago the dessert was hard to find. Perhaps the... Read More

Send A Pink Champagne Cake

A Mini Cake Explosion Box was delivered free of charge to the Ninja Baker from All opinions are my own.  An explosion cake was promised. But what did that mean? With caution, awesome designer friend and birthday girl, Vanessa and I approached the SendACake package. Camera ready – 1-2-3, Vanessa lifted the lid. In Harry Potter Hogwarts style, the sides of the seemingly single-sided box turned into triple-tiered... Read More

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens #LosAngeles

Do you imagine a cosmopolitan city when you think of Los Angeles? It’s an accurate image. However, in the heart of the City of Angels, you’ll find the extraordinary Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens. The property is close in proximity to the hustle and bustle of downtown LA and Hollywood. Enter the cypress tree surrounded parking lot and your worlds away. There’s an immediate calming of the senses. In order to get to... Read More

Champagne Iced Matcha Mini Cupcakes

Whispers of champagne and matcha mingle in the Ninja Baker’s Champagne Iced Matcha Mini Cupcakes. Next time the tablespoons of matcha and champagne will be increased. The tender crumb of the cupcake, however, is sublime. Matcha like champagne is a luxury item. Still there are categories of superiority. For matcha there are two main strains, ceremonial and culinary. Plus, two main types of ceremonial tea, and various grades of matcha used... Read More

Miso Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies #Healthy

Health and happiness are on the horizon! In 2019 you can eat cookies - Miso Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies - and stay healthy. The Bon Appetit magazine inspired Miso Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies tames the inner Cookie Monster AND assures the adult-self you are super smart and responsible. If you are riding the wave of au courant brown butter recipes, the Bon Appetit inspired Miso Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is a... Read More

Cupcakes Instead of Cash in Beverly Hills #Sprinkles

有名人はよくカリフオニアのビバリーヒルズに遊びに行きます。デザイナーブランドの洋服店はたくさんありますが、ビバリーヒルズの主なアトラクションの1つは、現金ではなくカップケーキがATMから届くスプリンクルカップケーキショップです。 住所:Sprinkles Cupcakes: 9635 South Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210  Beverly Hills, CA is the playground for the celebs of the world. The designer shops on Rodeo Drive may be reserved for the rich and famous. However, you don’t have to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo shoes to enjoy an ATM that... Read More