Iron Chef Morimoto Inspired Salad #SundaySupper

Is it a sweet or savory that brings you back to your childhood supper table? Who was there? What details make your memory extra special?

Japanese food and language were all I knew until age 5. Tokyo was my hometown until age 18. I still read, write and speak Japanese. Tamagoyaki, Japanese egg omelet, a childhood go-to also remains a favorite. Thanks to my nanny and surrogate mother, Kawaji-san. (I regret she wasn’t in my life longer.)  

Generous Japanese friends have taught me their secrets to tamagoyaki making. I am grateful. So is my husband. But with Iron Chef Morimoto’s tamagoyaki making technique – from his newest cookbook, Japanese Home Cooking  – I’m super excited to report a replication of sushi restaurant style Japanese egg omelet.

Of course, tamagoyaki atop Japanese white sticky rice is scrumptious. But as summer weather approaches, I want to leave more room for ice cream! My strategy is to amp up the salad greens so I can have that extra scoop of dessert. #sorrynotsorry I am a kid at heart.

Speaking of children, tamagoyaki is very kid-friendly. (My niece and great-nephew will vouch for this fact.)  My Iron Chef Morimoto inspired salad is guaranteed to provide healthy edible options for kidlets. In addition to the Japanese egg omelet, the salad is sprinkled with edamame soybeans. Fresh ginger which is the star of the salad is dressing is also good for you. (Ginger is known to fight cancer, inflammation and memory loss!) What are your strategies for making sure family meals are yummy and healthy? Love to hear!

Also, please do scroll down.  You’ll see fantastic ways to make your great Sunday Supper repertoire even better.

Japanese Tamagoyaki Egg Omelet Salad

iron chef masaharu morimoto japanese egg omelet recipe

Thank you to Iron Chef Morimoto for his fantabulous Japanese egg omelet tamagoyaki recipe. (His Japanese Home Cooking Cookbook is a must!)  I’ve been making tamagoyaki for years. However this is the closest I’ve come to actual sushi style Japanese egg omelet. Not too sweet, not too overcooked but just right! Domo arigato Iron Chef Morimoto.

Topping salad with the Iron Chef Morimoto tamagoyaki (egg omelet) and then drizzled with Kathleen Flinn’s dressing is divine! (Kathleen Flinn is the author of The Kitchen Counter Cooking School.)

This Iron Chef Morimoto inspired salad is healthy.  It’s packed with protein AND deliciousness. There’s a bit of sweet in the egg that is balanced with the sterner edamame. Soft lettuce leaves dressed with rich sesame oil is accented with sharp ginger.  Last and not least, the salad is light so you can eat dessert guilt-free!


Dashi (Japanese fish stock)

If you want to make your own dashi…(You can also buy pre-made dashi packets.)

3” x 5” kombu (dried kelp)
2 cups water
Handful of dried bonito flakes

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet)

4 eggs, lightly beaten
¼ cup plus 2 T dashi (Japanese bonito fish stock)
1 tsp soy sauce
1 T sugar
Vegetable oil for coating the tamagoyaki pan


1 cup leafy lettuce
¼ cup Japanese edamame soy beans
¼ cup grated and/or chopped carrots
¼ tomato, sliced

Ginger Sesame Dressing 

2 T vegetable oil
1 T sesame oil
2 tsps. soy sauce
1 T rice wine vinegar
1 tsp minced fresh ginger


Dashi (Japanese fish stock)

Drop the kombu (dried kelp) into a saucepan with the water. Watch for little bubbles to emerge and break through the surface. Remove from the heat. Remove the kombu. Gently stir in the bonito flakes. Steep for 3 minutes. (A minute more and you’re heading for bitter soup stock.) Strain through a colander double lined with paper towel into a bowl. Lightly press the flakes. Discard the bonito flakes in the paper towel. Set aside the soup.

Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet)

Whisk together the eggs, dashi, soy sauce and sugar.

Lightly, ever so lightly, brush the pan with vegetable oil. Coat the pan with a thin film of the egg mixture. The heat should be medium-low. Gently punch any bubbles with chopsticks or a light spatula. It helps to keep nudging the sides in too. Turn off the heat when the egg film is firm. Roll up with a spatula or chopsticks.

Grease the empty side of the pan. Pour in a few more tablespoons of the egg mixture over a medium-low flame. Tilt the pan so the runny egg slips under the already formed roll.
Repeat the process until you have a hefty tamagoyaki Japanese egg omelet. (The kind you see at sushi restaurants.)


Arrange the salad condiments on dishes or in bowls.

Ginger Sesame Dressing

Whisk together the above ingredients. Sprinkle on salad.

Our sumptuous display of Sunday Supper salad offerings is hosted by the lovely Em Beitel of Our Life Tastes Good.

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