Kippy's Organic Non-Dairy (Delicious!) Ice Cream is Going Global

Organic and outrageously delicious, Kippy's Ice Cream is going global. First stop - Japan! Venice, CA's vegan ice cream is now available in Tokyo.  


Andy's sweet smile accompanies delicious scoops of organic,
non-dairy Kippy's ice cream. 



Assorted berries mingle in the ice cream bowl.

Kippy's Venice, California:
Kippy’s! Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop
245 Main Street, 3D, Venice, CA 90291
Phone: (310) 399-4871

Kippy's Coco-Cream Tokyo, Japan:
2-6-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Phone: 03-6758-0620

電話: 03-6758-0620

Another healthy, happy and hip Kippy's Ice Cream customer.

Trendy. Hip. And the spot in LA for organic non-dairy ice cream treats is Kippy’s! The 42-year-old owner, Kippy Miller, says, “I’m more fit now than I was at 22.” She attributes her ability to lead 16-hour workdays to her organic, healthy food choices. “Inspired by the power of change through diet,” Kippy decided to share her secret to long-term success – treats! Enter Kippy’s non-dairy organic ice cream shop. 


The popular dessert is primarily made with ingredients such as coconut cream, raw honey, fresh fruits, nuts (and other good-for-you yummies)… Bestsellers at the shop include date honey, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and raspberry. Kippy’s! fans are looking forward to her cookbook coming out in 2016 so they can replicate the ice cream at home. Kippy generously shared one of her recipes for my readers. Here is Kippy’s 1-2-3 Easy Organic Chocolate Ice Cream recipe. 

Miraculous healthy Kippy's Ice Cream!

トレンディー。かっこいい。 ロサンゼルスの美味しい無農薬、牛乳なしのアイスクリームはKippy’sで食べられます。 Kippy’sのオーナー(キッピミラさん)は22才の体より今日の42才の体は強いそうです。オガニック健康的な食べ物を食べているから毎日16時間を頑張って働くことをできます。ひみつは美味しいものをダイエットに含めることです。皆様は同じように成功な健康的な生活をできるようにKippy’sを出店しました。アイスクリームの材料は主にココナッツクリーム、生の蜂蜜、果物、ナッツと体に良いものを使います。流行っているKippy’sアイスクリームはデートココナッツ、チョコレート、ミントチョコレートチップ、ラスベーリです。キッピさんは健康的なアイスクリームのレシピ本を書きたいそうです自分で Kippy’sアイスクリームを作られますのでKippy’sのフアンはその時期を楽しみにしております。読者様にチョコレートアイスクリームのレシピを伝える許可をキッピさんから頂きました。


Kippy's Organic Non-Dairy Chocolate Ice Cream

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Kippy's rich, deep chocolate ice cream seduces the senses like a mature wine. Despite the decadent flavor profile all the ingredients are healthy and good for you. Maybe we really can enjoy dessert first!

Kippy's Ice-Cream-Making Notes:

  • “Definitely use $10 (USD) a pint-honey not the $4 plastic kind.”
  • “It's important for the ingredients to marinate and marry each other.”

  • 2 cups coconut cream
  • 3 tablespoons (or more) of raw honey
  • 1 sprig vanilla bean scraped clean
  • ½ cup organic cacao powder
  • Optional: Goji berries garnish


1. Blend all the ingredients together until well combined.
2. Place covered in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
3. Pour into an ice cream maker and churn according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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