Love Blossoms a Beautiful Bakery : Sensitive Sweets

Love Blossoms a Beautiful Bakery : Sensitive Sweets
センシティブ•スウィーツ:アレルギーの方にも お勧めのお菓子屋さん

A chocolate chip cookie all dressed up and ready for Valentine's Day!

Orange County, California is home to two Sensitive Sweets bakeries. They are a testament to a mother’s love for her children. Sensitive Sweets’ owner, Melanie Hohman’s two sons are challenged with severe food allergies. Determined to have her sons experience the delights of desserts, Melanie marched into her kitchen and began experimenting with recipes. She didn’t emerge until she had created delicious gluten-free treats, which were also devoid of dairy, egg and soy products.

Motivated to bring dessert delight to her own children, Sensitive Sweets owner,
Melanie Hohman has also brought joy to
other allergy sensitive little and big kids!

Besides being a treat for the taste buds, Sensitive Sweets’ baked goods (cakes, cupcakes, donuts and breads) are beautiful! If you want to impress your Valentine this month, pick up one of their exquisitely frosted cookies or cakes…Or grab the Midnight Cupcake and sink your teeth into soft, blissful bites of deep, dark chocolate…Of course, the Red Velvet is sensational, too. Better yet, get one of everything!

To paraphrase Shakespeare: 
"If chocolates be the food of Valentine's Day, play on!" 

Sensitive Sweets chocolate truffles & chocolate covered strawberries


Bringing sweetness to Sensitive Sweets customers, Manager, Bree Schmit.


The Sweet Stuff of Life is Now Available to All!


Wishing you sweets which sing Love!

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