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Japanese Miso Best EasyRecipe Salted Caramel GlutenFree Cake

Miso Salted Caramel Topping and Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake #GlutenFree

Miso Salted Caramel Topping and Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake is #glutenfree! And perfect for your dessert table. Fresh orange zest and a swirl of chocolate fudge punches up a Pamela’s Classic Vanilla Cake mix. The ½ tablespoon of miso melted with a ½ cup of caramel topping compliments the tender crumb cake. A subtle but salty miso flavor follows bites of sweet caramel and chocolate.


Better than Pumpkin Pie Vegan Coffee Cake

Better than Pumpkin Pie Vegan Coffee Cake. It’s perfect for brunch and will be done almost before you can say bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

The pumpkin is not overly pronounced and the subtle cinnamon smooch lingers on the lips. Demerara sugarcoated pecans topping contrasts with the soft but dense cake. The balance of flavors and textures are sublime. Why, it’s almost a vegan fairy tale sort of cake.

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TheOrville FOX TV Seth MacFarlane Family Guy Kentucky Bourbon CAKE recipe

The Orville Season 2 Bourbon Cake

The Orville Season 2 Bourbon Cake is out of this world yummy! Fluffy cake with a kiss of spice follows a  burst of bourbon. Bake this batter up into 60 cakelets or 1 large bundt cake. Serve with or without traditional Southern pecans. P.s. This is a grownups only dessert.

vegan glutenfree japanese culture holidays donuts

Vegan Apple Mini Donuts for Japanese Health and Sports Day

Japanese Health and Sports Day commemorates the opening of the Olympics in 1964.  Healthy living and sports events are celebrated every year in Japan on the 2nd Monday in October.

pioneer woman japanese yuzu japan res drummond apricot bars

Pioneer Woman Apricot Bars Kissed by Japanese Yuzu #GlutenFree

Japanese yuzu - the citrus cousin of lemons and limes perks up even the most delicious of desserts. Including the Pioneer Woman's farm fresh fruit bars baked with brown sugar and heart-healthy oats. 


Matcha Monster Rice Krispies #SundaySupper

gluten free disney mickey mouse pumpkin cupcakes easy recipe

Pumpkin Cupcakes

You might think a cupcake with hearty pumpkin is heavy or dense. The magicians at Martha Stewart have created a moist, light pumpkin cupcake. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a pinch of pie spice add to the warmth of this fall cupcake. As the cake is not very sweet, the cream cheese frosting is welcome.  

honey donuts glutenfree paleo easy recipe

Mini Honey Donuts

Wholesome goodness greets you in each bite of honey donut. The almond flour gives the donut a hearty cake like texture. The glaze made with honey, vanilla beans and coconut butter crown the cake donuts with a touch of coconutty sweetness. More good news: The donuts are gluten-free!

matcha green tea ice cream no churn recipe waffle best

Matcha Ice Cream Teatime Sandwiches


Matcha Ochazuke Hot Dog Rice