Recipe List

Carrot Cupcakes

The wholesome goodness of carrots, apples and pecans provide a subtly spiced cupcake. Caramel glaze and mascarpone frosting bring in a splash of sweet contrasting texture and flavor. 

Adapted from the Apple Pecan Carrot Cake recipe in The Southern Cake Book.

Chocolate Chip and Mandarin Orange Cookie Bars

Chocolate Chip and Mandarin Orange Bars are studded with Mandarin orange bits and chocolate morsels. (I like to use a combination of semi-sweet and white chocolates.) The tasty bars are similar in texture to Blondies. Every time I share my Asian fusion Chocolate Chip and Mandarin Orange Bars, they vanish!  

Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns

We have Megan Beimer, wife of a US Marine and Pillsbury Bake-Off's finalist, to thank for Rum Glazed Cookie Cream Buns which were inspired by her winning 

Vegan Midori Melon Cupcakes

Muskmelon flavored Japanese Midori Melon liquor is swirled into this vegan vanilla cupcake recipe. The Midori Melon cupcake is soft and tastiest when topped with the Ninja Baker's Vegan Midori Melon Frosting. 

The cake recipe is adapted from Je suis alimentageuse Vegan Midori Melon Frosting is a special.

Whole Wheat Cranberry and Walnut Bread

Holiday happiness: Wholesome wheat bread tickled with orange zest, cranberries and walnuts.

This is a bread maker recipe. But, amenable to your standard procedure of knead, rise and bake. (A 350 degree oven for 45 minutes will probably do the trick.)

Adapted from the Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker Recipes Booklet

Japanese Plum Wine Wreath Cookies

A tickle of Japanese plum wine candy cackles atop each cookie. Crisp, pretty and a pleasure for the palette. This cookie will bring holiday cheer to the grownups.

Matcha Green Tea Holiday Wreath Cookies

The Zen of the Japanese tea ceremony is delivered in the Ninja Baker's matcha cookies. Just as a sweet is offered with green tea in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, powdered sugar in the cookie dough balances the slightly bitter green tea powder...And produces a perfectly delicious cookie!

White Chocolate Sweet Potato Pecan Topped Cakes

Southern Comfort: Sweet potatoes, cake and white chocolate meet in one mighty mini bundt. Pecans interject a yummy crunch to a marriage of moist cake and white chocolate coating.

Adapted from Southern Living’s The Southern Cake Book

Yields 24 mini bundts and approximately 24 mini muffin-sized cakes

Ginger Chocolate Ninja Cookies

Dressed up for the holidays, ginger and chocolate kiss in one beautiful Ninja Santa cookie.

Adapted from a ginger cookie recipe at

Belgian Waffles

The Belgian waffle is a fluffy cushion dish for all your favorite foods. Your creativity can shine on the waffle canvas as you garnish with sweet or savory treats. 

Adapted from Presto Waffle Maker.