Recipe List

Chunky Monkey Vegan Banana Bread

Sensitive to wheat? Dairy? Any products with animals? And LOVE sweets? This Chunky Monkey Vegan Banana Bread is created with love just for you! 

Tip: If possible buy Chocolate Dream chips...The guys who recommended them to me at Whole Foods were right about the uber-deliciousness of the dairy free, soy free, nonGMO, gluten-free chocolate chips!

PB ‘n J Cheesecake

Classic childhood PB & J just got sophisticated and turned into a grownup cheesecake. Peanut butter and orange marmalade mingle in this oh, so easy to make dessert. 

More good news: The entire cheesecake is made in the food processor!

Pinot Noir Quinoa

Every bite of this Pinot Noir infused quinoa tastes like wholesome goodness. The flavors of the shiitake mushrooms and vegetable gems of the earth blossom with the berry infused Pinot Noir.

Café Zinfandel Cake

Everyday white cake is transformed into sophisticated sweetness with the addition of wine. The chocolate in the cake and in the frosting also flirts well with the Café Zinfandel.

Adapted from the white cake recipe on the back of the King Arthur cake flour box.

Asian Pizza Rice

The Ninja Baker’s Asian Pizza Rice is kid-friendly. However, if you are an empty nester and prefer a bit of bite, by all means, pour in more soy sauce and double the garlic, ginger and onion measurements! A dash of sake wine works, too.

Vegan California Sushi Roll

A mosaic of flavors and textures are embraced in this vegan California sushi roll. If you like a bit of protein, add crab meat. It plays very well with crunchy veggies and creamy avocado.

Methods for making California sushi rolls may differ but the result is always tasty. Here’s another recipe that could be helpful. You choose.

Green Tea 'n Chocolate Cookies

These green tea ‘n chocolate cookies are copycat versions of an Asian fusion Oreo and Chips Ahoy. Green tea cookies are speckled with semi-sweet chocolate chips and filled with white chocolate. If you are a fan of matcha green tea, add a tablespoon or more of matcha powder.

Easy Japanese Savory Okonomiyaki Pancakes

Japan's savory okonomiyaki pancakes provoke debates among the best of friends about which toppings are the most suitable for the popular dish. Contention about the deliciousness of okonomiyaki is nearly zilch. Try it! And let me know which toppings you recommend.

Asian Style Potato Salad

American-style Idaho potatoes are yummy on their own. Add Japanese mayonnaise and Asian veggies and you've got a potato salad with pizzazz!

Slow Cooker Eggs with an Asian Accent

Eggs are whipped up with Asian spices and sauces. Veggies and meat are spiked with the juice of Japanese yuzu (or lemon.) Everything is tossed together in the slow cooker and simmered in sake and soy sauce. This is a meal for grownups. (For a sweeter kid-friendly version, feel free to add sugar and/or substitute the sake wine with white grape juice.)