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3 Easy Ways to Make Gluten-Free Chocolate Party Treats, #Glutino

Pretty party fare in a pinch:
All it takes is a bag of Glutino gluten-free chocolate cake mix and a box of Glutino Vanilla Crème Cookies.

It’s almost hilarious isn’t it? Technology was/is supposed to be a time-saver. I thought mobile telephones, text messages were designed to provide freedom; and assist in the pursuit of happiness. Instead of more time with friends, family and fill in the blank hobby – mine is dancing –  it seems I’m spending more time online. It’s hard to put down that mighty phone. Don’t get me wrong; thanks to the online community I’ve met some truly stellar and inspiring fellow humans. Maybe I’m the only one who has yet to figure out the work/life/fun balance thing. Please do share your secrets to harmonious living in the comments section.