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Greek Chirashi Sushi, #SundaySupper

Chirashi sushi is a super easy to make Japanese meal. It’s also the solution to little time and lots of people to feed. Like a My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 potluck party. Nichole Crews of Casa de Crews has arranged such a Sunday Supper feast. Scroll down and get inspired to celebrate the opening weekend of the Greek wedding extravaganza movie. Or at least grab some Greek-inspired scrumptious suppers and sweets.

Greek chirashi sushi - my contribution to today’s Sunday Supper – is a combination of Japanese chirashi sushi and Greek salad. Traditional chirashi sushi is a sprinkling (literally scattering) of fish and Japanese egg crepe over vinegar sushi rice. (The egg crepe can be made in minutes. Click here for the recipe.) When at a sushi restaurant and you can’t make up your mind, chirashi is a great choice. You get a sample of a variety of fish.  Plus the artistic arrangement of the sushi and egg are always lovely to look at.