Sweet Potato Cake Pops, #SundaySupper

Super Bowl Sunday is here!

While Michael Oher, Baltimore Ravens' football star (and subject of the film) Blindside prepares for the big game with extra push-ups, his sister  who is the co-owner of the Whimsy Cookie Company may be putting in overtime baking  cookies for a Super Bowl party.

Along with other #SundaySupper food bloggers, I brought out my cheer-evoking Super Bowl recipes. In honor of the big-hearted Michael Oher and his adopted Tuohy family from Memphis, Tennessee, this Ninja Baker made Gluten-Free, Vegan Sweet Potato Cake Pops. Sweet potatoes are an important component of Southern cuisine and wildly popular in Japan. 

I do believe you'll score big points with the Ninja Baker's Gluten-Free Vegan Sweet Potato Cake Pops.


Japanese Moon Gazing & Other Secrets to Enjoying Life in Stormy Weather

24/7 news tickers feed us with reasons to shiver and quiver with fear.
Yes, it’s good to be aware and ready to take action.
But how about taking a break from tensing the muscles from fight or flight impulses and learning to whoop and holler with joy?
Even if it’s expressed quietly with “an inside voice.”

Many Japanese have mastered the art of joie de vivre by moon gazing.
And you can too by reading onsmiley

Grownup Good Girls

Growing up in Tokyo, while I was a Girl Scout, I missed the best part of being one - the cookies! (Something to do with clearing customs and maintaining freshness.) I did, however, receive an appreciation of Asian art, culture and food. Oh! And an expanded world-view. Hmmm, guess the sacrifice of cookies wasn’t so bad.