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Latest Blog Posts

Make Your Children Eat Their a Cupcake! #SundaySupper

If you are a parent, you are the best authority on the subject of children and vegetables. But if you do need back pocket recipes for “one of those days”…You can make your children eat their vegetables in a cupcake! You are probably aware that chocolate is a fantastic trickster. And chocolate cupcakes are the perfect hiding place for pumpkin. (Zucchini and spinach in brownies work well too.) The Great Pumpkin season is upon... Read More

Sweeten Your Day with Japanese Candies and Culture, #JapanCandyBox

Craving a sweet Japanese adventure? Your wish is granted!  Scroll down to the #JapanCandyBox giveaway for your chance to win a candy box from Japan. You are still a winner if you don't win the giveaway. Japan Candy Box has a monthly subscription service with free shipping. (Less than a weekly fancy Starbucks!)  I was gifted with the Japan Candy Box featured in the video below. The creative and cute packaging were... Read More

Japanese Korean Tofu Sliders, #SundaySupper

Truth be told Japan and Korea have not always been the best of friends. But postwar generations have paved a way to forgiveness. Fascinations with the foods and songs of each other’s cultures have flourished with time. (Many Japanese also confess to addictions to Korean TV dramas.) As Shakespeare says, “What wound did ever heal but by degrees.” Travel, besides time, also adds perspective and appreciation. So do imports.... Read More

Miso Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches, #SundaySupper

What follows is a synopsis of my Hollywood Blockbuster. What’s the story about? Miso Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches. Movie Titles for Your Consideration: Please advise which title you’d pick. Or create your own. 1. Mission Possible: Miso Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches 2. The Ninja Baker’s Kitchen of Peculiar Happenings 3. UnFrozen: A Tale of Temperamental Ice Cream and Broken Machines Great movies... Read More

Reward Your Star Student with an A-Plus Gluten-Free Bento, #Glutino

This Ninja Baker was delighted to receive a gift box of gluten-free Glutino goodies. All opinions are my own. In the late 1970s, in the USA, fretting Mothers frantically figured out ways to create tasty gluten-free sandwiches for their children’s school lunches. Why? GMO (genetically modified organisms) wheat (and corn) were introduced to the American public. And made our children’s immune system sick and sensitive to... Read More

Au Lac: The Vegan Vision of the Amazing Mai Ngyuen

A treacherous Vietnamese regime dictated escape. So, in the stealth of night, Mai Ngyuen and her current husband stowed away on a boat headed to America. A sister awaited their arrival in Texas. The food culture of her new homeland was a shock. “The serving of steak (for one) would feed an entire family in Vietnam.” Still, assimilation was important. So Mai lined up for the steak lunches at the college cafeteria with her American... Read More

Gluten-Free Banana Cream Pie, #Glutino #Giveaway

Glutino, a purveyor of gorgeous gluten-free products kindly gifted me with a box of goodies. Plus, a stash of coupons. Scroll down for the simple steps to win the coupons for free gluten-free Glutino yummies. Ever wonder how we survived without the Internet? A touch of the fingertips to the keyboard…Voilà! We’re connected to the information highway. These days I’m wondering how I survived without Glutino gluten-free... Read More

Japanese Peach Boy Ice Cream, #SundaySupper

Magic. Never leave home without it. A sprinkle of fairy dust on grim reality is healthy. Like fairytales, a sense of awe leaves the door open to a belief in possibility - and magic! Okayama, a city slightly southeast of Osaka, celebrates Japanese children’s story hero, Momotaro (The Peach Boy.) Momo in Japanese means peach. The Okayama region of Japan is rich in gorgeous peaches. But Momotaro is more than a mere mascot. Manholes... Read More

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Frosting and Dip

Steeped for centuries, matcha green tea is swirled into the culture of Japan. From sublime meditation to "sanji" (3 o’clock) snack time, green tea is present. Sailing in from China in (1191) in the satchel of Zen Buddhist monk, Eisai, the tea settled comfortably into Japanese society. The prominent monk’s PR may have helped to popularize matcha tea in Japan. Eisai allegedly declared, “matcha green tea is the... Read More