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5 Secrets to Serenity and Girl Power, #InMyKitchen

I'm delighted Maureen of peeked #InMyKitchen and invited me to share. Maureen is the epitome of serenity and girl power. Despite Life’s curve balls, she stands tall. (To read her story go to Maureen also proves her prowess in the kitchen with do-able gourmet dishes and desserts. I’m grateful for Maureen’s inspiration and invite to her #InMyKitchen party. #GirlPower!  March 3rd... Read More

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie, #SundaySupper

Visit Japan and you’ll see symphonies of artistic sweets. The eye follows an unbroken rhythm of desserts composed into perfect rows. Each piece influenced by the natural beauty of the season. In springtime, both traditional Japanese sweets shops and Parisian-inspired patisseries celebrate cherry blossoms. Perfect accompaniments for cherry blossom gazing: Gluten-Free Chocolate Cherry Pie Minis To revel in the warm March winds... Read More

5 Delightful Facts About Lavender, #GalentinesDayParty Ice Cream

What in the world is a Galentine’s Day Party? As inspired by the popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, the idea is to celebrate gal pals. Today’s hosts are Nancy of Gotta Get Baked and Courtney of Neighbor Food. Scroll down and you’ll see a sumptuous buffet of recipes designed for this sensational soirée. Luscious Honey Lavender Ice Cream is my offering. Lavender was on the top of the shopping lists for the... Read More

Love Blossoms a Beautiful Bakery : Sensitive Sweets

Love Blossoms a Beautiful Bakery : Sensitive Sweets センシティブ•スウィーツ:アレルギーの方にも お勧めのお菓子屋さん A chocolate chip cookie all dressed up and ready for Valentine's Day! バレンタイン・チョコレート・チップ・クッキー  Orange County, California is home to two Sensitive Sweets bakeries. They are a testament to a mother’s love for her children. Sensitive Sweets’ owner, Melanie Hohman’s two sons are challenged with severe food allergies. Determined... Read More

How To Win the Super Bowl Snack-Time Game, #Glutino

Glutino kindly gifted this Ninja Baker with free product for this How To Win the Super Bowl Snack-Time Game post. All opinions are my own.   Palette Touchdown! Glutino's Gluten-Free Honey Mustard Pretzels  & The Ninja Baker's Miso-Mayo Dip Taut as a high wire act, tensions run high at Super Bowl Sunday parties. Both Broncos and Panthers fans are praying for historic wins. Broncos' Colorado... Read More

Japanese Plum Wine Donuts, How to Survive A Broken Heart, #RED #TwelveLoaves

Like butterfly wings, Life is fragile. There is beauty. The searing pain of leaving the known territory of a cocoon is also Life. Sometimes I want to take flight to a Japanese garden and soak in serenity. No matter the escape, reality always comes marching in. Life is like a bento box of donuts...You never know what you'll get! Enchanted by the idea of taking on another persona, I pursued the life of an actor into my twenties. My 5-... Read More

5 Secrets to Save Your Mind & Money, #InMyKitchen

My 5 secrets to save your mind and money are crafted for Valentine's Day. The present tips are all simple and kitchen pantry staples. They also work for any other obligatory gift-giving season. I'm delighted Maureen of peeked #InMyKitchen. And encouraged me to open up the doors and show and tell! In the process of tidying up for the event, the light bulb went on... Many of the items in my... Read More

Seed Kitchen: Macrobiotic Magic, Madonna's Dessert & More, #Giveaway

Venice is a must for those who desire the complete Southern California experience. Rollerbladers and bicyclists glide on pathways paralleling the Pacific Ocean. In the sea, surfers in wetsuits frolic like dolphins in the waves.  On occasion Chef Eric Lechasseur, co-owner of Venice’s macrobiotic Seed Kitchen is one of the surfers…If he’s not prepping meals for Hollywood celebs or updating the macrobiotic menu for Seed... Read More

Native Foods, A Vegan Celebration, Cookbook #Giveaway

2016 may be your lucky year. Especially if you win my giveaway of Native Foods Celebration Cookbook: Delicious Vegan Recipes to Celebrate Every Month of the Year.  (Scroll down for details.) Of course, you are already lucky if you live in LA and live close to a Native Foods restaurant.  Even if you don't care about healthy eating, one bite into a Native Foods dinner or dessert may change your mind forever. Cheers to... Read More